Tooth Extractions: The Causes, Process, and Results
By Charlotte Dental Implant Center
October 16, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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There are many reasons why certain teeth might need to be extracted. In some cases, otherwise healthy teeth need to be pulled in order to alleviate overcrowding, which can affect the alignment of the teeth. Other times, a tooth might be infected with disease and needs to be removed for the sake of oral health. Another common scenario is when a tooth has been damaged in an incident and is too injured to remain in the mouth. Whatever the reason, Charlotte, NC's, own Dr. Ramesh Sunar of Charlotte Dental Implant is the dentist you need if you require a tooth extraction!


Several conditions can result in the need for tooth extraction. As mentioned, overcrowding is one such cause. Our Charlotte dentist can determine if extraction is the best option based on the specific condition or issue affecting your teeth. Examples of situations in which tooth extraction is best include:

  • Diseased and infected teeth that cannot be saved
  • Injured or damaged teeth that cannot be saved
  • Impacted wisdom teeth that have not fully erupted
  • Overcrowding that is affecting teeth alignment
  • Baby teeth that have not fallen out by an appropriate age


The process of having a tooth extracted involves several steps. Taking an x-ray is usually one of the first steps. The x-ray allows the dentist to observe the positioning of the tooth root to aid in the extraction process. Before extracting the tooth, local anesthesia is used to numb the extraction site. A mild sedative can be administered to help relax patients during the extraction process, as well. The dentist will then carefully loosen the tooth, cutting into the gums or removing small amounts of bone if needed. Finally, the tooth will be pulled out.


The recovery period following the extraction of a tooth is between one to two weeks, on average. It is normal for bleeding to continue for a few hours following the procedure, to which gauze can be used to absorb any excess blood. Ice packs can also be applied to the cheek area on the side of the extraction to minimize any swelling that occurs. Additionally, it is best to rest for at least twenty-four hours following the procedure. Once the area has healed, problems such as overcrowding will be alleviated and orthodontic methods can be used to correct any alignment issues.


There are several situations in which tooth extraction is the best option for maintaining a healthy mouth. For tooth extractions in Charlotte, schedule an appointment with Dr. Sunar by calling Charlotte Dental Implant Center at (704) 375-4252 today!