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Custom-made dentures are more than prosthetic devices. They give you back your smile, helping you with speech, chewing, digestion, and regaining a better overall quality of life. Licensed denturists and dentists, Ramesh Sumar, DMD and the team at Charlotte Dental Implants, are skilled in the art of fitting and making dentures. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the experienced team can help you look and feel like yourself again with the right denture option for your needs. Call today or schedule your consultation online.

Dentures Q & A

Are there different types of dentures?

Dr. Sunar offers an array of complementary treatment plans for patients of all ages. From the first appointment to the final set of dentures, or denture relining and repairs, this skilled team utilizes the highest quality materials to deliver the best overall experience. You have multiple dental options to choose from, including:

  • Metal framework partial dentures
  • Acrylic partial dentures
  • Dental implants and crowns
  • Denture Relines (reshaping the underside to increase comfort)
  • Soft denture liners
  • Implant-supported dentures

Licensed denturists construct all dentures on site, in the dental labs at Charlotte Dental Implants. This can be a great comfort and advantage since you can see your dentures as they're being made. Dr. Sumar can adjust the fit and feel of your dentures along the way to ensure your final smile is one that's both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Should I get immediate dentures?

Have you lost your teeth as a result of an illness, injury, or prolonged decay? Do you need full dentures? If so, immediate dentures, placed directly following the loss of your teeth, might be the right choice for you. Immediate dentures mean you never have to be without teeth.

Keep in mind, though, that immediate dentures do not have a "try on" period and can take some time to feel normal. They need to be regularly relined to ensure a continued, comfortable fit.

What are partial dentures?

Charlotte Dental Implants offers free consultations to determine if immediate dentures are right for your dental needs. They only replace missing teeth, rather than all your natural teeth, as with full dentures.

Dr. Sumar takes measurements of your jaw and makes models of your mouth so they can construct your new dentures in their lab as efficiently as possible. No dental adhesives are required. The metal frame anchors to existing natural teeth to keep the dentures in place.

A more cost-effective alternative is acrylic partial dentures. They tend to be cheaper than partials with metal frames, but also need to be replaced more often. Acrylic partials are usually a temporary solution for missing front teeth while the dentist makes permanent partials or bridges.

Where do I go for denture repairs?

Dr. Sumar and the team at Charlotte Dental Implants offer a wide range of denture repairs which take place on-site in just a couple of hours--or even while you wait.

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